5 Different Ways To Style Leopard Print This Season

If you have been following the fashion weeks, or fashion in general you would know that the leopard print is officially the print of the season. The snake skin print is not too far behind though. From skirts to bags and shoes, the leopard print will surely be spotted more often than any other print this season.  In case you don’t like the print, may be you will at least give it a try after reading this blog. As risky as it may sound, you can all wear this print.


Leopard Print 2019


To achieve an effortlessly styled look, balance out the harshness of the print with silhouettes that are easy-breezy. Maxi dresses, A-line dresses, jumpsuits, and such other pieces are sure to give you the desired effect. Layer over or under the dress to get an even more casual look.


Leopard Print 2019


This one is for all the working fashionistas who love their job, but not more than fashion.  Get a pant suit or a formal blazer and include the trend in your everyday wardrobe. You can even focus on getting statement bottoms instead of tops. Trousers and pencil skirts are a great example of the same.


Leopard Print 2019


For all of you students and teenagers, there is no limit to where you can go with this trend. A belt, a backpack, hair accessories, scarves, t-shirts, tops and the list can go on and on.  You can style it in so many different ways.  There is something for every girl out here!


Leopard Print 2019


The bolder, the better; if you love your bold style and love to experiment leopard print should be your first choice this season. Remember how we mentioned the snake skin print in the beginning. Maybe you should pair them up together, the print on print- wild edit. If you aren’t afraid of experimenting, you surely will love the result!


Snake Skin Print


This one is for all those who are too afraid to try animal prints at all. Before rejecting the idea completely, we urge you to at least try it. Surely it’s a bold statement, but being careful while choosing your print is the key. Choose a smaller print that is repeated several times rather than large leopard prints. You won’t be disappointed.


Leopard Print 2019

September 24, 2019 — Anjila Kindra