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Winter is finally here and we all are thrilled to enjoy the warm sips of our favorite tea or coffee while wrapped in a soft blanket, drawing a hot bath, lighting some scented candles, reading novels and how can we forget the perks of clearance sales on winter wear for women at different stores and websites. This season has one too many reasons to make you feel all warm & snuggly and one such reason is the winter fashion; buying all kinds of winter dresses for ladies, cozy & stylish winter hoodies for women and sweaters and sweatshirts for women. As a single sweater doesn’t suffice the needs of your style quotient, here are 5 sweaters which are a must have for the freezing winters this year.

The Good Old Turtle-Neck

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would just force down this white colored turtleneck sweater which you just hated? Well, times have changed today as these turtlenecks or cowl neck sweaters have become the most asked for article in the winter. The fabric and the knitting has hit a solid update which makes it a winter essential with its chic appeal that rhymes along with denim jeans, skirts, trouser pants, palazzo pants or any other kind of bottom wear.

Turtle Neck Sweaters


Contemporary Cardigan

Amongst all the womens winter wear on sale this is known to be a winter essential because of its finesse. If you are planning to dress up for the night or even for the day out, a contemporary cardigan is a must have as this not only balances with almost every outfit but also helps you  beat the cooling chills!

Cardigans For Women


Fitted Regular Sweater 

One can easily buy winter wear for women online in India to shop all that your wardrobe requires and one such vital is a neat fitted regular sweater for styling a well tailored look and even provides for business bended casual looks. You can always tuck this kind of sweater into skirts or a trouser which gives a crisp finish to your outfit and makes ya look sharp and ready to conquer the world.

Regular Fitted Women Sweaters


Tunic Sweaters

If you’re struggling to put together a more laid back and casual look then Tunic Sweaters are gonna be your jam!
These sweaters have a got a chill & relaxed vibe to it. With the length of a regular tunic top one can dress up this sweater with block heels, Chelsea boots, Knee high boots and to throw in a feisty pair of earrings and neckpieces likes a pendant or wrapping a contrasting scarf around your neck would be a great idea.

 Tunic Sweaters


Printed Sweaters

Last but certainly not the least; printed sweaters are known to be one of the most worn winter apparel in modern times. Its chic, balanced and textured which allows the wearer a polished and exciting look leaving behind the winter moody-broody solid backdrop-ed sweaters. Best part about the prints is you’ve got a lot of options to choose from like shapes-circles, triangles, boxes, animal prints, textured prints, symmetrical prints, geometric prints, bohemian gypsy prints, stripes and polka dots too. Depending upon the occasion and vibe you can dress up with textured or printed sweaters anytime.

Printed Sweaters