The coming out process is a very personal experience. It is an experience of accepting yourself and your identity so if you are someone who wants to come out or know someone who does then this is a huge deal. In the world we live in where judgment and hatred are not difficult to find, accepting oneself is an act of fearlessness and bravery. If you are someone who hasn't come out yet or if you know someone who hasn't come out to everyone yet these are some harmless pieces of advice for you. 


1] Never Out Somebody 

If someone has shared their identity with you they trust you a lot, so playing around for fun with such sensitive information is not at all funny. This is not something to take advantage of but rather something you should celebrate and show support to. Be careful with your words and try to make people around you feel comfortable. You will not be doing them a favor by forcing them to come out so don’t push someone to do it rather just be happy and supportive of them. 

2] Its Okay To Say No 

If you are not ready or are not yet sure about how you feel it’s okay to deny it and say “No, that is not who I am”. Don’t let somebody else speak for you. It is your story and you should be the only writer to decide how it opens up. Take your time to know yourself and come out in a way that makes you happy. 

3] It Won’t Always Be Roses

If you are someone who hasn’t come out yet, know that you don’t need to justify yourself to someone who isn’t ready to accept you. But the truth is we live in a not truly equal world, and response is not always positive. It is important to not isolate yourself. Surround yourself with good and positive people even if there is just one go-to person for you to always share your feelings with them. You're always going to meet new and different people hence, it is crucial to be confident in yourself. 

4] There Is No Defined Way To Come Out 

Everyone is different and that is the beauty of humans. If there is someone you get inspired by and want to follow in their footsteps you can do so but don’t feel pressured by it. If you want to express yourself by writing on social media or write it over your t-shirt it's okay to do that too! Simply, you do you. Whatever inspires you, you follow it. 

5] It’s Okay To Wait Sometimes

If you feel you are not surrounded by people who will understand you just yet or a case where you are financially dependent on your family and you are not sure if your parents will be supportive enough then know that it is okay to wait. As emotionally challenging it can be sometimes it is good to be smart for yourself. Just know that waiting will not make you any less who you are. 

We are a generation of growing beautiful people who want to take up a new challenge every day. But challenges are always better when faced with a team. A team you feel at home with and a team you can be yourself with. Remember that if there is ever any problem or you feel in danger you are not alone. There are always people who will help and support you.