When we use the word fashion, we think of dresses, shoes, watches and sometimes colognes. Beauty lies in the eyes of the spectator but to grab those eyes, you need distinction. The best way to bring beauty and elegance into our smartphones is to have a cool back case or back cover.

If you go to a market and you don't see phone covers then it's not a market. Smartphone covers are available in abundance but choosing the one is always a challenge. You go and pick up the most beautiful one, but it compromises in protecting your device. Nobody wants that. A cover should provide protection, an ergonomic design and an eye-catchy look. Let's discuss different cover options which fulfill almost all requirements.

Mobile Cover


These are commonly available, but most of them are very flimsy. Some have thick edges which give adequate protection to the device. When it comes to looks, they count upon your device. If your phone has a compelling design, it won't affect that. Pick one up but don't compromise on the quality. You can upgrade in terms of style by decorating the case yourself! Hit up some DIYs for back cases because transparent ones give you a chance to go all in from paints, flowers, photo cards to stickers.


If the transparent cover is a fit person then rugged is an athlete. Rugged covers are more long-lasting and they never compromise on protecting the main device. They are very grippy, have a snuggly fit in your palms. They tend to make your smartphone a bit heavy but never uncomfortable. They can take drops from human height easily.


The average market has an option now but what about harsh users. This category needs a back cover ASAP. This is the only and best option for them. These covers are like commandos who can take any pain. These covers are extremely grippy but very thick. They are usually textured and come with thickest borders. They will protect your device up to the best but at the same time, they will make the device heavier and bulky, which does not discourage you


Pop-Sockets are a modern-day apparatus used mostly by youngsters. They surely make your device more convenient to hold as well as act as a smartphone stand. Nowadays, we get the option to customize these according to our liking. Choose the best design which makes it more contrasting and cane it to your device.