Our daily lives often force our health in situations one would much rather prefer to not indulge in but that certainly cannot be the reason for throwing in the towel now can it? All the hazards we put our hair and our skin through demands recognition. It’s time to say goodbye to those lazy days and dive into some healthy habits for the sake of our own health. Sometimes just eating the right food is not sufficient; your body demands a bit more. Times like these are where you introduce essential oils in your daily routine. So, here are some essential oils and their benefits that need to be in your knowledge.



This oil has much more to offer than just a pleasant fragrance, it provides doles like resistance from blemishes and help in reducing skin irritation because of its strong astringent properties. It is famously known as the calming oil, used on irritated skin and muscle tension. It aids in reducing headaches by calming and relaxing the mind to reduce stress to promote a restful sleep. Hence it is often advised by the doctors to put a few drops of essential oils on your pillow before you go to sleep.


This fabulous oil contains the properties of linalyl acetate. This sage works to help diminish skin inflammation and assuage skin irritation. It is also recommended by professionals for aiding mental snags such as depression and anxiety. Ladies are counseled to implement the use of clary sage oil to fight back hot flashes, stress, balancing hormones, inflammation, cramps, infertility and PMS.


It is warded as one of the most powerful antiseptic essential oil. It possesses antibacterial and antifungal qualities hence making it a powerful force against acne, white heads, pustules and skin redness. It also acts as an inflammation reducing agent.


It is referred to as the universal oil. Recommended by skin health specialists around the globe, frankincense oil is used for skin conditions like scars, wrinkles, skin redness, swelling and itching. It is multi-purpose oil as it is involved in causing relaxation to the mind, treating depression, anxiety and trauma. Adding more to its healing abilities, this oil also helps in remedy of wounds, scars and thyroid tissues.