Different Ways To Style A Dupatta

The festive season calls for ethnic experiments and a complete style makeover. Wearing our dream outfit on a festival may seem like a very nice thought. However, the outfit of our dreams may not always be the most functional, mostly because of our notorious dupattas. During celebrations and along-side the festivities, it is all the more disturbing to make sure that your dupatta does not fall off. We understand your troubles and come bearing easy solutions. Follow these drapes that are high-fashion and functional at the same time!



This style is simple, low key and easily alterable; the fall of the drape will depend on the fabric and will surely be beautiful each time. Take one end of your dupatta and drape it over your shoulder. Wrap it around your neck once or twice (depending upon what length you would find preferable) and drop the rest of the dupatta over the other shoulder. You are done with your understated glam look.


Diwali Trends 2019


Unlike what the name might suggest, the pleats can only stay neat in stiff fabrics like kota. However, this does not mean that the drape will look bad in other fabrics. For this one, you will need a belt. Take the dupatta and drop it over your neck in such a way that both the ends of the fabric are on the front. The dupatta should be neatly pleated and both the ends should be on top of each other. Take a matching belt and buckle it over the dupatta. This A-line silhouette is sure to wow everyone!

THE 2000’S WAY

Imagine the concept of hand-held bags and translate it into the dupatta. Remember Rani Mukherjee from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? She has the dupatta wrapped around her wrists. This style is perfect if you want your choli or the kurta to be the centre of attention. The style will also work perfectly with sleeveless and spaghetti strap tops as it will show off your shoulders and collar bones beautifully.


Diwali Trends 2019


This drape style is perfect if you are trying to achieve a cohesive look with a contrasting colour palette. Take your dupatta and tuck one end into the side of your waist. Now take the other end and carry it from behind your waist and through the opposite side (of the tuck in). Drape the rest of the fabric over your shoulder and you are done. You can pleat the fabric or not, the decision is up to you. Make sure to let the dupatta be loose towards your back and not look like a belt from the back.