Fashion Resolutions We All Need To Make In 2020

Not just another year but an entire decade is now coming to an end. An exciting tradition that this time of the year brings along is the New Years’ Resolutions. Whether you believe in following your resolutions or not, it surely adds on to the excitement of the New Year. While some of us make serious resolutions and set life goals for the year, others do it only for the thrill. No matter which category you belong to, we have a list of resolutions that will appeal to all the girls out there. Keep reading and improve on your fashion and beauty in the coming year!


Fashion Resolutions 2020


By this we mean that you utilize your entire wardrobe, clothing and footwear likewise. Ditch your white sneakers and black flats for all those dusty pairs of footwear that you never wear. We all have our favourites that we land up over wearing and leave the rest to lie around. The same goes for the clothes in our wardrobe. This year, be creative with your choices and make sure you utilise every piece of clothing and footwear.



Finding your style is not always easy, which is why we all land up procrastinating it. However, it is the first and the most primary step of dressing yourself up. Moreover, once you figure out your style, your wardrobe will be filled with clothes you love to wear, making each and every morning a lot easier. It’s finally time to let go of the “I have nothing to wear” mentality and step into your creative zones.


Fashion Resolutions 2020


We all have at least one colour that we love more than the others and land up wearing more often than the others. Make this year the one to step out of your comfort zone and start wearing more colours. Most of us either love black or white more than the other colours. It’s finally time to let go of this old love affair and embrace the risks that colours bring along!



A random yet the most underrated habit is that of removing make-up each time you apply it. Leaving make-up on your face is probably the most satisfying thing after a tiring day, but you are sure to regret it the next day. It is the worst of all habits having the unhealthiest effect on your skin. 2020 should be the year of healthier habits, starting with removing your make-up each time.


Fashion Resolutions 2020


We understand that trends are what help us in staying new and updated. However, this does not mean that you run after every trend that comes in the market. Running after trends without them suiting your style can make wardrobe full but with clothes that you are never going to wear. If you are guilty of this habit, make sure to get rid of it in the coming year.

December 31, 2019 — Minakshi Singh