Give Your Jumpsuits An Experimental Twist

Most of us don’t have a lot of jumpsuits in our wardrobes, but have a lot of dresses, t-shirts and jeans. The reason for this is that we do not experiment with different ways to style the same jumpsuit. Hence, we tend to buy items that are easy to restyle than jumpsuits which land up being a statement piece. However, the comfort and style that jumpsuits offer, nothing else can. Hence, we compiled a list of the many different ways that one can style a jumpsuit in. Read on and never waste a jumpsuit again.


This point cannot be stressed enough upon. The importance of layering is far underestimated. Layering a basic t-shirt under a printed jumpsuit, or layering a graphic t-shirt under a plain jumpsuit, will give a brand new outfit all together. You can even layer on some basic shrugs, kimonos or shirts for another new look.


Simple tricks like switching sneakers for heels,  your sunglasses for jewellery, your back pack for a clutch and your nude lipstick for a brighter one; can make your casual day look an elegant, evening one.

Belts and Bags:

Every girl must have a good collection of belts, including the blacks and browns, gold and silver. Adding a belt onto your jumpsuit does more to the jumpsuit that anyone can imagine for there are so many different styles of belts that can be used for this. Match your belt with your bag to make a stronger impact!

Changing Up The Bottoms:

Trousers are one of the trendiest pieces on the streets this season, which makes them a must have for your wardrobe. If you don’t already own them, you should buy a pair now. For the ones who do own a pair, wear your pants over your jumpsuit. It sounds bizarre, but as long as your trousers are chosen with care, you have nothing to worry about. The colours should be right, the length should be right and they should definitely be high-waist trousers.


Never let your jumpsuits be boring ever again!