Halloween In Hollywood: Our Favourite Looks

Halloween is yet another time of the year where you can give anything your own personal fashion touch. What inspires us every Halloween are mostly iconic characters or personalities and celebrities likewise. This year too, our most inspirational looks from Hollywood might inspire you next year to look your creative best. Here are some of our favourite fashion looks from the Halloween season!


James Charles Halloween Look 2019


The super controversial and enigmatic James Charles posted a picture of his Harry Potter look on Instagram and we fell in love with it instantly. Moreover, the look was glittering with his personal style. If Harry Potter ever glammed-up, we doubt he would even look half as good.


James Charles Halloween Look 2019


If you love fashion and have no idea who Mary Antoinette is, you need to go back to the basics. The French Queen was couture triple the times. The era was full of OTT fashion and lifestyle. Demi Lovato recreated the look perfectly.


The viral digital star has always made us laugh with her humour and left us in awe of her Latina style. This Halloween, she dressed up as none other than Maleficent, the mistress of evil. The resemblance was uncanny and styling on-point. After all, Disney characters are our all-time favourites.


James Charles Halloween Look 2019


Yet again, we have a Kardashian topping a fashion list. This year, Kim Kardashian decided to dress up as Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde.  What was extra special is the ironic resemblance of the real life of Kim with that of the character. The reality TV star is now going to law school and we wish her luck.


November 02, 2019 — Minakshi Singh