Clothing and accessories have been into existence for as far as the history can be traced back but the introduction of fashion and fruition in fashion has created a whole new field to explore and learn for us humans. People not only like to wear fashionable clothes but also keep up with the trends. But fashion exceeds more than just clothing and today one can gain professional degrees to engrave into the stream. Beyond clothing we have an extremely important element of style known as accessories! This element happens to have a certain sub-category; headgears. Images of bizarre fashion shows highlights and shiny crowns comes to mind? Well, that and some other element of clothing or an outfit worn over the head is known as a headgear. Let’s count up some of the trending headgears of 2021 now!


Famously seen on pop artists and celebrities, a bandana is a kind of handkerchief which could be printed or of a solid color that provides a bohemian street look to the whole fit. It can be used as an amazing hack for the days you are running late and have no time for a hair wash. Pair it up with straight leg bottoms and chunky earrings.


A soft, flat crowned cap which originated in parts of Spain and France, as a part of military uniforms has today made it to the runways of prominent brands around the world. A must have for winter fashion and if you’re seeking aesthetics with your blazer fits or coats, this cap is your go-to.


This is a hat with deep upwards turned crown shaped magnificence. Usually, it contains a title on the back of the head and it can also have a domed shaped crown. It was traditionally worn by agricultural workers but today is fancied all around the globe for its chic appeal and comfort style.


An even from all-round wide brimmed hat which fits just right onto your scalp is known as a bucket hat. Gaining popularity in the recent times, this hat is favored by teens and young adults prominently. One factor that can be implied is the influence of street fashion of Asian countries such as South Korea, China and Japan. Many small businesses are seen promoting and merchandising multiple colors and prints attracting a specific group of customers but in masses!


A remarkable clothing article which has been into existence for so long with a multiple use! You can wrap around a printed scarf or a solid-colored scar whichever compliments your outfit and twine it to your hairstyle for the day. You can wrap the scarf as a rubber band, as a hairband and even braid it into your hair.


Wearing colorful wraps around your scalp is renowned amongst the black culture but is not limited to it anymore. Women of different colors and culture have embraced this glorious piece of accessory and styled it in glamorous ways from around the world.

March 10, 2021 — Vanya Azad