How To: “Girls-Night-Out” Effortlessly

Girls’ night out, as opposed to any other night out, is always a memory that you will always want to relive. It is always a night filled laughter, repetitive and aloud, a night of non-judgement and pure love and positive energies. More importantly, however, the fashion choices of the night can affect the experiences in a huge way. Hence, we compiled a list of what to do and what not to do, in terms of fashion, when you are out with the girls!


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The Make Up:

Something simple and yet capable of affecting your mood for the night. Wearing make-up that is waterproof is a must if you are anywhere around water (maybe a pool party). Can you imagine rushing to the washroom again and again just because you forgot to put on waterproof mascara?  In case you are not going to be near a pool, it’s still safer to put on waterproof make-up (in case someone spills a drink, or you are sweating). Even though glosses and metallic mattes are gorgeous for a night out, mattes are always longer lasting. You will have a lot of time to be free and have fun, when you are not constantly worrying about your lipstick being on your teeth, or it being washed out completely. You can always add the bling through loads of highlighter!


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The Clothes:

The outfit that you choose has a very crucial role to play as well. Choosing something that is, first of all, comfortable, secondly, fits your style perfectly, thirdly, off course something that makes you look just as stunning as you truly are. Jumpsuits, dresses, shorts or even denims, the choice is open to literally anything. We are just here to remind you, to not choose something that is uncomfortable just because it looks good. Instead, take your time in picking out something that checks in all the three criteria.


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The Accessories:

Carrying a bag that fits in all your necessities is the most important part of your outfit. Slings and clutches have a reputation for being used more often for night outs. However, if you buy one ignorantly, it’s going to be of no use. Carry and own bags that have enough space as per your requirement. The same goes for your shoes, if you are not comfortable in heels, don’t wear them, or look for a pair that suits your requirements. They are not worth it, if pain and discomfort is all that you are going to remember from the night.


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Now that you know the little facts that often go unnoticed; it’s time rethink your night-out styling process. Sometimes, comfort is the only thing you need to worry about.