How To Identify Your Style?

Going back to the basics for this post, it is important to identify your style and dress in the best possible version of yourself. The most basic set of six styles have been discussed below, however, it is not necessary that you fit perfectly in any one category. These categories are only to help to clarify your style. You can be a mix of two or more, as long as you know which one you are more inclined towards.


Different kinds of style


This style uses more basic pieces than the trendy ones. If you love your classic white shirt, your little black dress, nude pumps and cannot leave your house without your favourite watch (or any other piece of jewellery), you probably have a chic style. You love your classics and stay away from bright colours like red and blue. Your wardrobe will probably always be in style!


Chic Style Outfits


If you wore your workout shoes or sneakers on a daily basis, before athleisure was a thing, you have an obviously casual style. Your wardrobe probably has more t-shirts than tops, denims than skirts and back packs than jewellery. You love comfortable styles of clothing more a little more than everything else.


Casual Style Outfits


Preppy style mostly resembles a uniform kind of a look. Some of the basic pieces that you will have in your wardrobe will be – plaid skirts, peter pan collars, knee length socks, head bands, etc.


Preppy Style Outfits


The name clarifies the characteristics itself. Elements like leather jackets and boots signify this style in the best possible way. Studded, structured jackets, a lot of colours, muscle tanks, etc. reflect an edgy style.


Edgy Style Outfits


Fashion from the 20s till 70s, is collectively called vintage. Vintage style doesn’t mean old-fashion, but classic vintage elements. Floral dresses, simple pumps, and bold red lips comprise of a style that is vintage. Taylor Swift’s style can be described as perfectly vintage.


Vintage Style Outfits


Bohemian style is something that you have probably already heard of. A modernised version of the hippie style will comprise of elements like loose silhouettes, a lot of prints, colourful jewellery and a contrasting colour palette. Mixing and matching is the essence of a boho style.


Boho Style Outfits

August 10, 2019 — Minakshi Singh