Black is one of the most loved colors when it comes to clothing. This color gives very posh, rich, minimalist yet very sophisticated vibes. Whether you’re into goth fashion or punk fashion or you’re just a fanatic who loves the color black more than any other color, you must have had a hard time maintaining the sharpness of your black clothes. After wearing them a few times, they fade into some weird shade of grey. And at some point, we all just accept fate! 

But what if we tell you that there is a way to maintain the vibrancy of your favorite black clothes and it isn’t much work, quite honestly. Just keep one thing in mind, if you take care of your clothes, then they will be there for you for a really long time. 


The first thing that you need to do is to change your detergent. You should NOT use the same detergent for your dark and light-colored clothes. The chemicals present in some detergent break down the fibers of your clothes with each laundry round. So, when you go for your next shopping, make sure to buy a color-safe detergent. This practice might seem a bit expensive, but it is not. There might be a slight difference in the price but it will be worth it and will protect your favorite black clothes for a much longer period of time. 


The next thing to keep in check is to know your clothing tags. The tags that you cut and remove from your clothes are there for a reason. Read the wash care instructions properly. If the instructions say to dry clean, then it is better to get it dry cleaned only. Wash delicate items like black leggings with your hands.


Another thing to do is to turn your clothes inside out; this will help your garment front from having friction of other clothes. Always wash your black clothes in cold water and air-dry them instead of using the heat drying method. 

If you use these methods then you will notice a significant change in the life of your black clothes.