How To Always Look Presentable

Have you ever noticed how we feel more confident and strong, if we look presentable? We all love our lazy days, but that doesn’t mean we have to practice the lifestyle every day. We agree it’s not always easy, but it is always important. Getting ready in the morning is one of the first things that we do that sets the parameters of productivity for the day.  If you put efforts into making yourself look presentable, you are bound to start your day on a productive note. Moving on from why one should look presentable to how one should look presentable; we have curated some tips and tricks to make this as easy for you as possible.


Always Look Presentable


Keeping your clothes ironed can make a huge difference to your outfit. Not only will you look more put together, but also more responsible and sincere. It’s difficult and kind of impossible to be on top of your laundry game always, but you can at least try to make a change, one step at a time!


Always Look Presentable


Well, don’t exactly be a maniac, but do try and maintain your nails and hands. Hands are the first thing that you present to anyone who meets you. Its only befitting that you keep your nail game always on-point. You don’t have to have manicured nails. Something as simple as neatly filed and clean nails, moisturised hands will do the trick.


Always Look Presentable


Make-up is not always the most important but definitly enough to be done every day. If you are blessed with brilliant skin or believe in skin care more than make-up, you probably don’t need make-up.  As for the rest of us, make-up can do wonders. You don’t have to go for a full face, just identify what needs make up on your face. Whether it’s your eyebrows, skin, lips or eyelids, a little make up makes a huge difference.


Always Look Presentable


Using hairsprays on your hair can be harmful when done daily. Therefore, using a serum is a better alternative. You don’t need to use it daily, it will kill the frizz of your hair and make you feel instantly neater automatically. Always carry a detangle brush in your bag and you are good to go.


Always Look Presentable


Clean shoes are probably the hardest to implement, since they catch dirt on a daily basis. Pay attention to the kind of shoes you buy and the kind of purpose you need it for.  For every day wear, buy easy to clean textures like faux leather, waterproof fabrics etc. For occasional wear you can buy anything that you want!


Always Look Presentable


Now that you know how simple tricks can make a huge difference, be sure to follow them!

September 03, 2019 — Sirat Panesar