Memorable Moments: Paris Fashion Week SS’2020

An official closure for this fashion season, the Paris Fashion Week SS’2020 left us all wanting for more. End of the season means no more fashion shows, no more iconic moments and no more new trends. As sad as this might be, it’s important to revisit the most iconic moments of the Fashion Week, most recent of which was the Paris Fashion Week. Not for trends or for fashion, we are here to simply appreciate certain moments by the designers that stood out the most. These moments, we are sure to remember for more than just a season.


Paris Fashion Week 2019


Dior amazes us season after season. The creativity and innovation is what has led the brand to stay true to its roots and stay current at the same time. This season, Maria Grazia Chiuri turned the entire set into a forest or more appropriately a gardenia of sorts. Christian’s sister, Catherine Dior, was passionate about gardening, roses specifically, and looked for an escape from war in it. With the climate change being the centre of attention, Maria collaborated with experts to make sure that the trees used in the show found a home in all of Paris. The collection was made out of 50% of recycled fabrics and was completely waste-free. Her collection was all things inspiring and futuristic.


Dior Paris Fashion Week 2019


Thome Brown took us all back to the avant-garde French era of Mary Antoinette. We love all things maximalist and anything involving the extravagant lifestyle of the French before the revolution. The designer took inspiration from the era and presented a collection that featured over-the-top, sky-high wigs and gowns. The corsets and the couture-like ready to wear collection, satisfied our fashion souls to the fullest. Artistic, creative, innovative and a very refreshing representation of ancient history, the show quite literally was. He stated post the show how he wanted to create a world of fairy tales and not reality. Well, he perfectly fulfilled his intention.


Thome Brown Paris Fashion Week 2019


For the first time ever, Lo’real took to the Paris Fashion Week to celebrate beauty from all over the world. How can something so iconic not be memorable? Setting not fashion but new beauty trends at the fashion week, Lo’real had iconic women from all over the world to celebrate inclusivity. Amongst many to grace the runway for the show were, Helen Mirren, Camilla Cabello, Eva Longoria and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Bachchan and Longoria even brought their children along for the final line-up. Helen Mirren walked the runway bare feet. Aishwarya wore a beautiful dress by Giambattista Valli. What more could a fashion show need in order to be memorable? In our opinion, the ethereal energy was more than enough!


Lo'real Paris Fashion Week SS'2020