Most Bizarre Beauty Trends Of 2019

It’s almost surreal how time passes. We are nearing the end of 2019 and it seems like it was only yesterday that highlighting started trending.  From painting our faces with a foundation ten shades lighter to glowing like light itself, we have come a long way. Evolution in the make-up industry has seen a huge amount of diversity. We made huge mistakes and learnt from them. However, as much as we loved trends like highlighting and contouring, there were also some really bizarre trends that were also equally popular. Continue reading and you will know why we are glad that they didn’t stick around.


Bizarre Beauty Trends 2019


It all started when some digital stars started to recommend soap instead of brow gel. Not liquid, but a bar soap. Before we knew, soap was a major ingredient for creating artistic brows. Some even started to intentionally use colourful soap and show it off. We can only imagine how sticky and heavy something like soap would feel on your brows.


Initially, undone roots or contrasting roots were highly popular. The attention has now shifted towards glitter roots. We can’t deny the fact that anything glittery or shimmery instantly grabs attention. It wasn’t really shocking when we saw this trend emerge. However, it was the most glamorous and impractical trend out there. Imagine leaving glitter dust wherever you go.


Bizarre Beauty Trends 2019


This trend is bizarre and the only time we can imagine using it is when we want to dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween. Rainbow highlighters became a huge thing around Halloween and fortunately didn’t stick around for much longer.


This one is probably the most weird and disturbing to look at. Starting its journey from Gucci’s runway, this trend only took days to dominate the digital world. However, it took even fewer days to disappear. Nevertheless, it left an impact that will last a lifetime.


Bizarre Beauty Trends 2019


Crystals and glitter seems to be the call of the year. Another trend that involved OTT glam was the embellished eye shadow, lips, eye-brows and even freckles. Crystals, stones and gems were seen on almost all make-up challenges and tutorials. Being a more of an impractical trend and less of a bizarre one, it still deserved a spot on the list.

November 08, 2019 — Minakshi Singh