Must Have Colour Combos For Every Desi Girl

Being a “desi-girl” you would agree that Indian clothes require the least amount of energy while getting dressed in the morning. They are mostly constructed in breathable, comfortable fabrics and require the little to no efforts while styling. If you are a desi girl, looking to match her wardrobe with her personality, follow the tips below!


This versatile combo of a white kurta with white bottoms, is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. Chikankari kurta, especially in white, is a timeless piece. Grace won’t be far once you put on this set!


All White Ethnic Wear


This modern interpretation of the 90’s pink and green phase is only the lighter shades of the same. Pastel pink base with pistachio green and gold embroidery on top is a combination that is for all those girls who love to practice the art subtlety through fashion.


Pastel Pink And Green


This combo is classic and appropriate for all the age groups. The colours blend in so well together, with the white balancing the shine of the gold. Try it on for yourself!


White And Gold Ethnic Wear


In case, you are a bright and bold personality and do not like blending in, but standing out, this colour combination will be your best friend. These colours are traditionally, mostly never seen together, which is what makes it such unique a combination.


Anita Dongre Yellow And Turquoise


An all yellow combination is more of a currently trending combination rather than a timeless one. However, it is definitely worth the investment. The colour may not trend forever in the fashion world, but it will definitely trend forever in our desi traditions!


All Yellow Ethnic Wear

August 06, 2019 — Sirat Panesar