Prints And Patterns To Look Out For

Prints for the fall are mostly obvious, like the- checks, plaid, gingham, occasional florals, etc. We are not here to state the obvious, we are here to get your fashion nerves all anxious. This year’s runway was the most eclectic ever and may even be called a “clash of the chaos”. In other words, anything that is seen as opposite was paired together-flowers with checks, contrasting colours, and even patchwork of all the prints that ever existed. From leopards and zebras, to floral and tropical prints, you sure will have a lot of options to choose from. As exciting as it’s scary, we thought about making this a little easy on you by constructing a list of the most seen prints on the runway!


Prints Of Fall 2019


This print is making a swift comeback this season and might even be our replacement for the checks and plaids. Its use dominated the most number of shows. We are so thankful for brands like Chanel and Alexander McQueen, who presented the print outside of its usual comfort zone of trousers.


Prints Of Fall 2019 Houndtooth


Instead of vanishing completely, this last season print is back but with an extra dose of wilderness. For the fall of 2019, snakeskin will be accompanying prints like leopard and zebra. Brilliant designs by Gucci and Versace featured oversized coats and jackets on the runway and left us all mesmerised.


Prints Of Fall 2019 Animal Print


By patchwork we not only mean the usual stitching of contrasting prints together but also an artistic clash of elements. Oscar De La Renta presented some soothing designs ironically representing the same concept. Moschino, however, was completely in its comfort zone while playing around with contrast.


Prints Of Fall 2019


Our friend from last season is here and this time may even stay for the entire season. Designers like Prabal Gurung, were successful in breaking its reputation as a spring print. Area also presented a cohesive collection featuring the tie-dye print.


Prints Of Fall 2019 Tie Dye


The floral pattern is here yet again and was featured in a psychedelic representation. Tightly packed flowers in a colourful palette are sure to be your new jam. Specific pieces by Paco Rabanne and Gucci were all things enigmatic.


Prints Of Fall 2019

August 21, 2019 — Sirat Panesar