Secrets To A Glowing Skin In Winters

Winter with its chilly breeze and only occasional rays of sun, can leave our skin feeling dry and neglected. Sometimes, we even increase our sun exposure mistaking the harmful rays of the sun to somehow turn magically beneficial in the winters. This is an absolute myth. Sun exposure causes just as much damage in the winters as in the summers. It leads to problems like hyperpigmentation, dullness and patchiness of the skin. In other words, we lose the glow. Not to worry when we are here to guide you through it. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to get that healthy winter glow!


Winter Skin Care Hacks


To get that extra glow that is a bit more subtle than a highlighter, a shimmering lotion is what you should opt for. There are products called “glotions” in the market. Like the name suggests, this product brings together the hydrating benefits of a moisturizer and the radiating shimmer of a highlighter. As some make-up artists suggest, layering a moisturizer of such is the best way to apply it. Moisturize as usual and apply the glotion only on the high points of your face, i.e. where you would generally apply your highlighter. This way you will achieve a natural glow. You can also use a strobe cream for the same effect.


Winter Skin Care Hacks


Eating foods and fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants is another way of bringing in all that vitamin C to show on your skin. Fruits like berries and grapes and nuts like pecans and walnuts are highly rich in antioxidants that help in creating a layer of UV protection against the sun. This will prevent hyper-pigmentation and remove dullness and even prepare your skin from within for any other future damages. These fruits are easily available in the winters so go ahead and heal your skin.


Winter Skin Care Hacks


The simplest and yet the most ignored steps are these-the cleasner, toner and moisturizing routine. Regular exfoliation and the after care of the skin are highly important steps to follow. You should exfoliate at least thrice a week. On regular days gentle cleansing is good enough. A toner should be a must in your routine. It helps in maintaining the Ph level of the skin and therefore keeps it feeling youthful from within. We need not stress on the importance of moisturizing, especially in the winters. Go ahead and follow these simple steps and watch your skin glow all throughout the winter!



November 19, 2019 — Kiran Rawat