Style Decoded: Chic Like Diana Penty

Diana Penty is the true equivalent of Kendall Jenner in India with the perfect model off-duty style. The model is seen often on runway shows and photoshoots and is one of the most successful models in India. Her style is however, what we truly want to talk about. How is it that she always manages to look so radiant without make-up, so confident without couture and so at ease in front of a camera? Her social media is the proof of the fact that she has her style all figured out and lucky for you we have her style code broken down for you!


Diana Penty Style 2019


Diana has been seen more often than not in white and sometimes black. Monochrome seems to be her mantra which she has mastered over the years. However, more than black we have seen her in all white outfits. The successful model looks most effortlessly chic in her comfort zone of white shirts and pant suits. Take some inspiration and style your all-white outfit with a bold lip and you will ready with a look that can be worn as well in the day time as in the night.


Diana Penty Style 2019


If you scroll through her social media often and are guilty of stalking her, you will agree with us when we say that she is as in touch with her style as a professional stylist would be. You will mostly see her in solid colours and maybe sometimes in a printed shrug or a scarf. It is safe to say that she has mastered the art of styling her solids and prints together while keeping here minimal style intact.  


Diana Penty Style 2019


Chic style is one of the most difficult to achieve. Lucky for us Diana Penty has broken it all down for us. Small tricks like wearing heels instead of sneakers, blazers instead of leather jackets and wearing dainty jewellery can instantly chic-up any outfit. If you want to wear it like Diana, try pairing these dressy elements with basic, casual outfits. This will give you the perfect effortlessly chic style!