Zara Launching Beauty Collection


Zara is expanding its horizon. Now entering the beauty line, Zara has decided to bring out lips, eyes, face and nails makeup. The person behind this beauty line is the famous runway look creator of Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, the British makeup artist Diane Kendal. This collection is launched on May 12th 2021.

Zara Launching Beauty Collection

This new collection is going to include over 130 colors, and Kendal has actively worked with Zara to create this inclusive and sustainable beauty collection.

Kendal goals to reach the diverse audience with this beauty collection that can be accessible to all just like Zara has been till date. He wants to create something that everyone would want to use. He, apparently, is very satisfied with the broad array of formulas that he has created for the eyes, lips face and nails.

Zara has already stepped into the makeup world by launching a lipstick line 2018. It was inspired by the famous makeup artist, Pat McGrath. Other than this, it has collaborated with Jo Morgan in the fragrance section. But this would be its first time launching a full face makeup collection. The initial launch will be in the USA, Europe, Mexico, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The price range will vary from 7 dollars to 25 dollars. And customers will have an option for the virtual try on using Zara’s virtual try-on tool.

Guess, we will have to wait to try it on in India, but can we at least say that we are super excited for the reviews? And we will surely be back with them super soon.