Top 5 Influencers You Must Follow

Top 5 Influencers You Must Follow

In the fashion market of today, the influencers have become the most important tool for marketing, advertising and even PR. However, from the customer point of view, following the right influencer, i.e. as per one’s style preference, is really important. Targeting niche groups turns out to be beneficial for all the parties- the business, the influencer and the customers. Following is a well curated list of influencers, who only continue to grow their community. Follow them for the only fashion inspiration you will ever need.
Ethnic Wardrobe Staples That Every Girl Needs

Ethnic Wardrobe Staples That Every Girl Needs

Being an Indian woman, each one of us has a wardrobe solely dedicated to ethnic wear. However, for some of us, it can get a little confusing while shopping for the same. With the change in the societal trends and more and more women getting out of their homes to work, practicality of a garment has become a top priority. This is a characteristic of the traditional wear that can sometimes clash with the fashion of today. Following are such staples that will make the process of pairing certain items and shopping for Indian wear a lot more easy. 

August 01, 2019 — Minakshi Singh
The 5 Must Have Classic Red Lipsticks

The 5 Must Have Classic Red Lipsticks

For some red might be a daring colour or “too bright”, for others it represents power, beauty or even boldness. No matter what you think about the colour red, owning your own perfect version of it is a statement necessity that probably comes very naturally to every make-up lover. Some of you surely will be a little ambiguous before indulging in a red, and even stubborn about it not meant for you. However, the real reason may be because you have not found your perfect shade yet. With this being a popular reason, we have compiled a list of our top 5 shades of red. Keeping in mind the diversity that Indian beauty comes in, this list will guide you alongside your make-up shopping.
July 31, 2019 — Kiran Rawat
How To: “Girls-Night-Out” Effortlessly

How To: “Girls-Night-Out” Effortlessly

Girls’ night out, as opposed to any other night out, is always a memory that you will always want to relive. It is always a night filled laughter, repetitive and aloud, a night of non-judgement and pure love and positive energies. More importantly, however, the fashion choices of the night can affect the experiences in a huge way. Hence, we compiled a list of what to do and what not to do, in terms of fashion, when you are out with the girls!
The Only 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself While Shopping

The Only 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself While Shopping

Shopping, sometimes, can be a lot more confusing than it can be fun. The inevitable doubts, followed by constant questions popping up in your head about the cost matching its worth, the trips to the trial rooms and what not! At the end of the day, it leaves us exhausted and sometimes even with impulse buys. This post will help you make this complicated process somewhat simpler. Shopping is and should be more refreshing and therapeutic and less tiresome.
July 25, 2019 — Minakshi Singh
Trends That We Hope Never Return

Trends That We Hope Never Return

The fashion world continues to surprise us in more ways than it shocks us. However, whenever it does its the one to remember. Some trends stick, others don’t and then there are some that we cannot forget. Moreover, we are glad that these trends did not stay around. Read on for the flashback!
July 24, 2019 — Anjila Kindra
The Classic Luxury Perfumes You Should Know About

The Classic Luxury Perfumes You Should Know About

The fragrance of a woman speaks just as much about her personality as fashion. Unlike the popular belief, perfume is an important part of a woman’s vanity and hence, worth a good investment. Read on to know about the top 3 iconic luxury perfumes, and the interesting stories of their discoveries!
July 23, 2019 — Minakshi Singh
Top 5 reasons why scarves could be your best friend

Top 5 reasons why scarves could be your best friend

The underestimated piece, that is as much basic as it is a statement, is a scarf. A scarf is probably the most affordable way to spice up an outfit and make it your own. It can be utilised in so many unique ways. A scarf can be blended in with so many different personalities. From looking versatile to looking edgy and even casual, it can be your best friend, if you let it. If you still cannot think of any different way in which you can incorporate a scarf in your everyday wardrobe, read on and you will surely see the benefits of it.

The vintage classic:

Vintage style of the eighties left a strong impact on the fashion world. Anyone can wear fashion from that particular era and still feel on point with the modern fashion trends. Wearing a scarf around your head not only protects your hair from the damage, but also makes your outfit look a lot more mature. You can also tie it up around your neck for a variation of the eighties look.


Dual accessorising:

Using this unique accessory to accessorise another accessory is something every girl can try to mend in her own way. Using it on your bag adds an extra touch of individuality.


The belt:

Another unique way of using the scarf is using it as a belt. This is where you can get highly experimental. From contrasting colours and printed scarfs to solid colours and basic textures, you can pick any of the types and turn your old outfits into absolutely new ones.


Hair accessory:

The most basic trick in the book and the most reliable one too. Use your regular scarf as a hair/head band or use it as a hair tie for your pony tails and buns. This trick will never disappoint you.


Use these tricks to turn your out dated outfits into brand new ones; and maybe start growing your scarf collection too!
Give Your Jumpsuits An Experimental Twist

Give Your Jumpsuits An Experimental Twist

Most of us don’t have a lot of jumpsuits in our wardrobes, but have a lot of dresses, t-shirts and jeans. The reason for this is that we do not experiment with different ways to style the same jumpsuit. Hence, we tend to buy items that are easy to restyle than jumpsuits which land up being a statement piece. However, the comfort and style that jumpsuits offer, nothing else can. Hence, we compiled a list of the many different ways that one can style a jumpsuit in. Read on and never waste a jumpsuit again.


This point cannot be stressed enough upon. The importance of layering is far underestimated. Layering a basic t-shirt under a printed jumpsuit, or layering a graphic t-shirt under a plain jumpsuit, will give a brand new outfit all together. You can even layer on some basic shrugs, kimonos or shirts for another new look.


Simple tricks like switching sneakers for heels,  your sunglasses for jewellery, your back pack for a clutch and your nude lipstick for a brighter one; can make your casual day look an elegant, evening one.

Belts and Bags:

Every girl must have a good collection of belts, including the blacks and browns, gold and silver. Adding a belt onto your jumpsuit does more to the jumpsuit that anyone can imagine for there are so many different styles of belts that can be used for this. Match your belt with your bag to make a stronger impact!

Changing Up The Bottoms:

Trousers are one of the trendiest pieces on the streets this season, which makes them a must have for your wardrobe. If you don’t already own them, you should buy a pair now. For the ones who do own a pair, wear your pants over your jumpsuit. It sounds bizarre, but as long as your trousers are chosen with care, you have nothing to worry about. The colours should be right, the length should be right and they should definitely be high-waist trousers.


Never let your jumpsuits be boring ever again!

July 14, 2019 — Minakshi Singh
Shopping In Budget

How To Shop On A Budget

Shopping can be a little too stressful, instead of being a stress buster, most of the times. This statement is referring to all those times when you had to dodge several attacks from your impulses when you saw another top of your favourite colour. We understand that being a shopaholic on a budget is probably one of the most difficult things one can go through. Which is why, we are here to make things easier for you. Read on to know some of the best tips that you could follow for a successful budget-shopping experience!

Budgeting the right way

This does not mean just deciding the overall expenditure limit. On the contrary, you need to decide your budget based on the priority that the item you want to buy has at the time on your shopping list. For example, if you need to buy a new straightener, along with make-up and jeans maybe. You need to prioritize what is the most important for you. Maybe you straighten your hair more often than you put on jeans or wear make-up. Hence, it will be wise that you keep your budget for the straightener higher than the rest of the items. This will help you in being clear headed while shopping and invest in the right things on the contrary of spending money impulsively and regretting it later.


Prioritizing the items on your list

This step is probably the most important one. You need to know what you need the most. Taking the same example as above, if you do not have enough money at the time to buy all the three things, spend your money only on the straightener. It’s wiser to wait for the right time, when you have the money to spare and then shop the things that want but don’t really need. It’s only momentary greed that makes you want to buy them instantly. Try to move past it and you will never regret shopping again.


Look out for sales

This is something that everyone looks out for. However, making a conscious decision of making this a habit can help you in so many ways. This step will help you the most when you have to shop maybe for your new house, or go for bulk shopping. You will shop to your fullest satisfaction and not burn a hole in your pocket. Like already mentioned, you have to choose practicality over a moment of greed.


Go on and truly ENJOY your shopping experience!

July 08, 2019 — Minakshi Singh
How To Slay In Just A Tee

How To Slay In Just A Tee

A basic t-shirt is something that every girl has in her wardrobe, along with the misconception of it being boring. However, a t-shirt is something that can be worn in so many different ways and can be shaped into so many different personalities. A solid color t-shirt is has so much potential and we are here to enlist them for you. Read on to utilize your tees in more than one ways.

Wear It As A Dress

A body con skirt is another one of the basic pieces that can be utilized in so many unique ways. Take your solid t-shirt and tuck it neatly into your skirt. Use a belt to hide the tuck and make it look even neater. You can use the same trick on “skirts” or any other types of skirts and you won’t be disappointed.


Oversize It

The most comfortable outfit that you will ever wear, an oversized t-shirt as a dress is the perfect outfit for the not-so-girly-girl. Wear it with a belt and thigh-high footwear and you are good to go. This casual-chic look is experimental as well as trendy.

The Knot

This one is probably the most used one for it is so easy to execute. Any basic t-shirt (not a slim fit) can be tied up into a knot right wear your bottoms are starting. You can even go higher for a cropped look. Pair this style up with classic jeans and white sneakers for a perfect everyday outfit.


The Balanced Tuck

Tucking in your tee sounds basic, but the importance of the silhouettes is a lesser talked about fact. If you have a loose or a regular fit t-shirt, pair it up with skinny fit jeans and likewise, if you have a slim fit t-shirt, pair it up with something a bit looser for the bottoms. This trick helps in balancing out the two elements of your outfit.



Now that you know that the simplest of tricks can make a huge difference, go ahead and experiment fearlessly.

July 05, 2019 — Kiran Rawat