Top 5 reasons why scarves could be your best friend

Top 5 reasons why scarves could be your best friend

The underestimated piece, that is as much basic as it is a statement, is a scarf. A scarf is probably the most affordable way to spice up an outfit and make it your own. It can be utilised in so many unique ways. A scarf can be blended in with so many different personalities. From looking versatile to looking edgy and even casual, it can be your best friend, if you let it. If you still cannot think of any different way in which you can incorporate a scarf in your everyday wardrobe, read on and you will surely see the benefits of it.

The vintage classic:

Vintage style of the eighties left a strong impact on the fashion world. Anyone can wear fashion from that particular era and still feel on point with the modern fashion trends. Wearing a scarf around your head not only protects your hair from the damage, but also makes your outfit look a lot more mature. You can also tie it up around your neck for a variation of the eighties look.


Dual accessorising:

Using this unique accessory to accessorise another accessory is something every girl can try to mend in her own way. Using it on your bag adds an extra touch of individuality.


The belt:

Another unique way of using the scarf is using it as a belt. This is where you can get highly experimental. From contrasting colours and printed scarfs to solid colours and basic textures, you can pick any of the types and turn your old outfits into absolutely new ones.


Hair accessory:

The most basic trick in the book and the most reliable one too. Use your regular scarf as a hair/head band or use it as a hair tie for your pony tails and buns. This trick will never disappoint you.


Use these tricks to turn your out dated outfits into brand new ones; and maybe start growing your scarf collection too!