Did you know that the term ‘jeans’ was actually referred for a different apparel specifically in blue color? But then moving forward to 1870s, the term jeans was coined around for trousers in ink blue color and then came the patents by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Straus on May 20, 1873 to their invention of denim jeans. Originally these denims were constructed for the miners but later on as the years passed it was popularized amongst the working class and teenagers of the American states by Marlon Brando and James Dean starring in The Wild One & Rebel Without A Cause; the films of 1950s. The ‘denim’ fabric became a symbol of rebellion amongst the teenagers. Significantly gaining popularity throughout the years, denim jeans have become the most worn bottom wear representing the western culture around the globe. Here we are bringing you a highlight for the types of denims that caught people’s eyes or were brought back from the past into the trend of today!

2021 Denim Jean


For a stream lined effect these jeans were recently found high in demand in the denims’ marketplace. For those who would like ditch the same old skinny jeans can shop straight leg jeans online and encourage a vintage style in their daily wardrobe. These jeans have the same width from the knee to the ankle opening hence named ‘straight-leg’ jeans.


Known for the fancy bottom flares, bell bottoms are one of the hippest class of denims ever! The 70s were the key highlight of these denims and were recently brought back to life in 2019. As the world of online street-fashion is expanding, bell bottoms are seen to be in caution trend.

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One can get confused between bell bottoms and flared jeans easily. But not to worry as we are here to help you out! So, the bell bottoms date back to the 70s whereas flared jeans came in the 90s. The shape of the bell-bottom jeans is defined as an hourglass shape and a fitting on thighs and knees whereas flared jeans come with an extending flare as one goes down around the ankles.


So, what exactly the term ‘distressed’ mean? It is termed for a jeans that is manufactured with a ‘used’ or ‘worn’ look. These are found the trendy by the groovy teenagers of today. Paired with Crop tops, sweatshirts, hoodies and pastel blouses; these jeans are the miracle baby of the denim manufacturing.