The 5 Beauty Trends To Indulge In This Season

We are calling out to all make-up lovers for this one! Another year just started and we can’t wait to see which beauty and make-up trends it brought along. Get ready to replace your favourite make-up with these mind blowing trends. Continue reading and we assure you that by the end of our list, you will be all ready to try these new obsessions and refresh your make-up collection!



Gemstone or embellished make-up is not a brand new trend. We have seen in the past the brief but small obsession with gemstones on the lips. Another variant of the trend is gemstone embellished eye make-up. You can go as subtle or as statement as you would like with this one!


Make-Up Trends Of 2020


In contrast with the dramatic trend that we were talking about in the previous point, this one is an equally popular trend. It is also perfect for you if you find yourself intimidated every time you try a smoky-eye. Colour-pop eye shadows like yellow, pink and blue, paired with nothing more than light layers of mascara are the next big thing!



Moving on from the matte and metallic, the new trend around the block is something in the middle. A little gloss on top of your regular lipstick will give a natural finish. You can even use a lip balm to top your lipstick with. It will give you a no-make-up make-up look with minimal efforts.


Make-Up Trends Of 2020


Gone are the days of full-coverage foundation. We already know all about the natural and minimal make-up trend. This one is just another variant of the same. A water based foundation gives a sheer and glowy coverage that makes your skin look the best version of itself. Try it for yourself and we assure you wouldn’t need a highlighter.



Focusing on skincare is not a new trend but a rather popular one. If you want to adapt to trends like water based foundations and minimal coverage, you will have to take care of your skin from within. This trend is only going to get more and more popular and is surely the best kind of investment you could make for your skin.


Make-Up Trends Of 2020


January 28, 2020 — Minakshi Singh