Best Of The Trends From 2019

2019 was a power packed year filled with great fashion moments. From tiny bags to crazy prints, it surely was a year to remember. Every year brings along new trends for everyone. However, this year was extra special for all the ground breaking trends that were set. Some of these may even be carried forward into the New Year. Here are the top 3 trends that we loved and adored this year!


Tiny Sunglasses Trend


The year 2019, seemed to be the year of trends that are as dysfunctional as they were beautiful. The tiny sunglasses, which ironically did not block the sun, were the most popular accessory of the year. The nineties trend was loved globally just as much. Whether it was a cat eye or oval shapes, you could sport any look as long as it was tiny. Gone are the days of reflectors and aviators, hop on board with this trend and you won’t be disappointed. We are sure the obsession will be carried on to this year and is far from fizzling out.


Tie And Dye Trend


Another one of the really popular trends was the tie and dye prints. The print has been popular on and off since the mid-1960s. However, this year the trend saw most amount of popularity and outside of its psychedelic reputation. T-shirts, dresses and even blazers were seen all over the streets. The print was also redesigned to fit the contemporary multi-occasional trend. Something that has a casual appeal to it could also be worn on certain other occasions. How much ever may we love this trend, its return in the 2020 may be a bit too soon.


Eighties Puff Sleeve Trend


Eighties puff sleeves have been holding the flag for power dressing since its beginning. The trend came back in 2019 with a newer vigor. The puff sleeves were taken as more of a formal-chic attire in the eighties. In 2019 however, they were worn more casually. Cotton calico dresses, cropped top and maxi dresses were most widely seen paired with puff sleeves. As the spring passed by, the trend too eventually fizzled out. However, assuming by the amount of love it received, it won’t be shocking if the trend returned with double vigor this year. We kind of hope it does!



January 07, 2020 — Minakshi Singh