The Heels That Are Making A Comeback In 2020

In case you have been living under a rock, we are here to tell you that the 90’s shoe trends are making a huge comeback. We may only remember the Mary-Janes from the era, but the era definitely had a lot more to offer. However, not all but only few of the trends are making a comeback for the coming season. Keep reading to know which ones!


The exposing style of footwear had really thin straps and really high heels. It is safe to say that this footwear is probably the most uncomfortable and the most attractive. However, if you are a fan of the 90’s fashion, you have to embrace the painful moments as well.


Sneaker Trends


Chunky trainers are slowly replacing the fashion sneaker trend and for all the right reasons. They are more comfortable, edgy and definitely stylish. Along with the chunky sneakers the tennis socks are also making a comeback.


Heels Street Style Trends


Kitten heels were the most shocking to make a comeback. They are the 90s most loved footwear. The trend was seen dominating the runways and we cannot wait for the many interpretations of it on the streets.


Kitten Heels


As we have already mentioned, Mary-Janes were the pride of the 90s. These elegant and graceful styles can be seen in all of the 90s iconic sitcoms. Put on your most sophisticated outfit and get ready to flaunt it with your Mary Janes.


Platforms are not an unfamiliar concept to us, however, they did evolve into heels. This season, true to their original 90s form, they are back in the form of flip flops and flats. Don’t forget to keep the platforms high, and we mean really high.


October 16, 2019 — Kiran Rawat