The Must Have Trench Coats For This Season

The winter season is here and so are the many options of winter wear and stylish trends. A trench coat is a classic that every woman should possess in her wardrobe. The timeless piece has proven its style worth on more than one occasion. It is the most conventional, yet the most functional and comfortable piece of winter fashion out there. Styling it always comes easy, but picking the right one may not always. Which is why, we have compiled a list of the top most trending styles of trench coats. Pick your favourite and save yourself the trouble.


Trench Coats Trends 2019


This one is for all the classic, elegant fashionistas out there. You are probably already imagining the Burberry trench coat in your head. Well, that is exactly what we were going for. The beige, timeless trench coat may not be affordable by all. Not to worry, because of it being an iconic fashion item, there are plenty of similar designs in the market to choose from.



A trench coat without a belt is like a graphic tee without graphics. It is absolutely essential to own a belted coat. Even though you may not always use the belt, it does add an impression to the entire outfit. You can leave it open for a relaxed look and tie it up for a structured look. If you have a coat that does not have a belt, go ahead and buy a matching belt. You can recreate many looks and develop a more luxurious looking style ethic!


Trench Coats Trends 2019


Printed coats are the pieces you can openly experiment with. The prints come and go making these kinds of coats extremely trendy. In case you don’t feel comfortable in making an investment in something so temporary, go on and invest in some classic prints. These would be the stripes, checks, plaid and prints like argyle. They won’t disappoint you and will stay in your wardrobe for more than just one season.



The structured trench coats are the best kinds for women who love to look put-together. The luxurious appeal that a piece like this gives can really make one stand out. It’s a classic and appropriate for any occasion. You can wear it to your office as well as a casual day out. The structured coats are mostly made in warm fabrics like wool and hence, assure a long day of warmth and comfort.


Trench Coats Trends 2019


This one is a rather trendy one. The clear trench coat has taken the streets of the fashion world by storm. They are available in so many different colours and are a clear extension of the clear bags trend. A definitely unique and an edgy piece to own, this particular one is sure to fetch you many complements. It’s so impactful and yet so effortless to style.


Trench Coats Trends 2019


Now that you are up to date with the trench tales of the fashion world, go ahead and shop fearlessly!


November 18, 2019 — Sirat Panesar