The Only 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself While Shopping

Shopping, sometimes, can be a lot more confusing than it can be fun. The inevitable doubts, followed by constant questions popping up in your head about the cost matching its worth, the trips to the trial rooms and what not! At the end of the day, it leaves us exhausted and sometimes, with impulse buys. This post will help you make this complicated process somewhat simpler. Shopping is and should be more refreshing and therapeutic and less tiresome.


Do I Need This? / Do I already Own Something Similar?

This is the most important question and the first one you need to ask yourself. Each one of us has our own styles and is naturally drawn towards a colour, a style or maybe a category. This question does not mean that you have to buy something that is not your style just for the sake of variety. This simply means buying what you need. Having a small pile of good quality stuff is way better than having a huge pile of similar stuff. This will in fact help you know your style even better and save your money for buying good quality (but higher price) staples that will get you a lot more wears and help you look more polished.


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Body Type, Size, Fit:

How many times did you see something on a model, or a mannequin and bought it thinking it will look great on you too? In reality, however, the outfit turns out looking not as good. The reason is, you are styling yourself wrong. You need to know what flatters you, what accentuates the right parts. Not just that, you need to observe and know why certain things don’t look attractive on you. For example, I personally feel that open necklines are more flattering on me. It took a lot of failed shopping attempts to realise that closed necklines make my already small neck, disappear completely. Now that I know exactly what and why something does not flatter me, I can alter certain pieces, or save myself from the troubles of trying everything I like to see if it will look good on me or not and even shop online fearlessly. Similarly, you need to know what sleeve-length, tops or dress length, type of pants, silhouettes, etc. will look great on you.


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How Will I Style This?

If you have asked yourself the first two questions and moved on to the last stage, you need to ask yourself this question. Think about the things you already have in your wardrobe and mentally style whatever you want to buy using only those pieces. The more outfits that you can style, gives you more reasons to buy the product. However, it’s important that you keep a minimum number of outfits in your mind (3-7); i.e. if you can style a minimum of 3 to 7 outfits you can surely buy the product.


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Now that you have an organised way of shopping, maybe shopping will be a less confused, more enjoyable and definitely a successful experience for you!

July 25, 2019 — Minakshi Singh