The Only Tips You Will Need While Street Shopping

In this age of online shopping, one would think the custom of street shopping would eventually die. However, the charm of going to a local market or thrift shopping could not be replaced. Local shopping hubs like Sarojini stand as a successful example of the same. Loving shopping comes with no strings attached. If you love shopping, you will love all and every version of it. But not all of us are equipped with a natural talent for it. From bargaining to stamina, there is lot more that goes behind a successful shopping trip.


Street Shopping Tips India


Getting your research right is the most important factor when it comes to street shopping and even shopping in general. Know what the market is most famous for. From trench coats to sweaters, know all about the common prices, where the trendiest vendors are and how much should you be bargaining. Pick a day when the market is going to be less crowded or else shopping won’t be as much fun for you.



Most of us tend to buy more than we need or land up over spending when the prices are a bit too reasonable. To prevent this, make sure to keep a budget in mind before you head out to the market. This way you will not overspend money on things that you might not even wear.


Street Shopping Tips India


Thrift shopping can get tiresome and exhausting. This sometimes leads to most of us coming back empty handed because we just got too tired. Be well prepared by carrying your own jute or cloth shopping bag. This is an eco-friendly option and will also save a lot of time. Always carry some snacks and a water bottle. This will help you stay energetic. Most of the times, food joints are even more crowded than the shops. This is why it is important to carry your own food.



Bargaining the right price is the only way you can make the most of your money. Research well about the bargaining margins of the market you are about to visit. Nevertheless, it’s always safe to start by reducing the price by 50-60%. You can move your way up and play off the vendor’s reaction. If you aren’t that good at bargaining, take a friend along who is good at it.


Street Shopping Tips India


January 06, 2020 — Minakshi Singh