The Ultimate Online Jewellery Stops

Online shopping in India is only increasing its hold day by day. Every single thing, from fashion to groceries can be found online. And when the variety is only reaching the skies, it seems fair for us to explore online shopping in all its exclusivity. Since, jewellery is every Indian girl’s must have, exploring the uniqueness of the online stores is a must too. Continue reading and shop from India’s one stop online jewellery stores that will surely leave you wanting for more!


Jewellery Shopping Online


Like the name suggests, this jewellery store is an answer to all your quirks, quite literally. The brand was started by two sisters, one being the creative genius and the other a marketing mastermind. Their products are available exclusively online and in silver. From rings, necklaces, rings to even batches and pins, the brand will hand you not one but thousands of reasons to shop. Even though the name suggests that the brand is only for the quirky, it is not. You will find a huge variety of simple jewellery as well.


Quirksmith jewellery


For all those who don’t know about this very popular brand, Pipa Bella is an online fashion jewellery brand that is known for its huge variety. The trendiest and the latest of jewellery pieces are sure to find a place in their online-only store. Even though the quality of their products is fine, the price is relatively affordable. You can spot some of their designs on our favourite celebrities too. From bracelets, to earrings, you will love every single piece of jewellery here. They add new designs every week, making sure that they bring the most recent fashion trends right to your door step.


Pipa Bella Jewellery


One of the older brands in the market, Bluestone was found in 2011. Being a commercial brand, you will find your traditional Indian jewellery here. The prices are reasonable and hence, appropriate for all kinds of audiences. Pendants in emerald, rubies and even pearls are available along with thousand other designs and styles. Moreover, they offer next day delivery services too. Check out the store and see for yourself. You are sure to love more than one design.


Bluestone Jewellery


September 19, 2019 — Anjila Kindra