Top 5 Influencers You Must Follow

In the fashion market of today, the influencers have become the most important tool for marketing, advertising and even PR. However, from the customer point of view, following the right influencer, i.e. as per one’s style preference, is really important. Targeting niche groups turns out to be beneficial for all the parties- the business, the influencer and the customers. Following is a well curated list of influencers, who only continue to grow their community. Follow them for the only fashion inspiration you will ever need.

Masoom Minawala:

This young influencer will encourage you to experiment with your style. Her style is continuously changing and one cannot really fit it into a box. This is exactly why she is perfect for a global audience. From preppy to casual chic, she has it all in her wardrobe!


Masoom Minawala, Indian Bloggre, Indian Influencer, Indian Fashion


Pooja Mundhra:

Pooja Mundhra has quite a following on Instagram and runs a blog by the name of “The Cozy Vibe”. As the name suggests, her style screams of comfy, casual clothes styled with just the right amount of extra spice. She is the one to follow, if you want to look effortlessly and simply fashionable.


Pooja Mundhra, Indian Blogger, Indian Influencer, Indian Fashion


Neelu Yuleena Thapa:

Neelu runs a Youtube channel and goes by the name- “Big Hair Loud Mouth” on Instagram.  If you find mainstream fashion a bit too boring, go on and follow her for some mind blowing outfits you might see nowhere else. Fun and fearless in all her fashion choices, Neelu has an original voice that you would definitely not want to miss hearing.


Neelu Yulena Thapa, Indian Blogger, Indian Influencer, Indian Fashion


Srishti And Shivi:

Two curious souls, is how the duo describes themselves. Srishti and Shivi run a blog together called- “Curious Components”. Two different styles under just one roof! Follow them for the simplicity and sophistication that they are known for.


Curious Components, Srishti And Shivi, Indian Blogger, Indian Influencer, Indian Fashion


Riya Jain:

Riya Jain is one of the many influencers form the city of Mumbai and runs the blog- “Caught In A Cuff”. With a colourful and preppy taste, she makes every outfit seem so much more fun than it already is. Making every outfit her own through the simplest of ways, she will surely inspire your street style.


Riya Jain, Indian Blogger, Caught In A Cuff, Indian Influencer, Indian Fashion