Top Bags From Bottega Vanetta’s S/S 2020 Show

Daniel Lee’s previous season debuts proved to us the brilliance of this new designer. His accessories, more so than the clothes, became a cult favourite. The way Lee wove together the brand’s aesthetics with his own vision he truly earned a spot in our fashion favourites. In case you are unaware of the beautiful work put forth by this designer, keep reading. We will take you through our favourites as well as favourites of many fashion icons, most of which belonged to his latest SS’20 Collection.


Bottega Vanetta SS'20 Bags


The Pouch bag is a graceful styled, gathered leather bag. It fits into your hand and feels as luxurious as it should. It is made using smooth as butter calf leather. The perfect oversized clutch is a vision for all the minimalists. The Pouch comes in five different colours. This accessory has already been seen on so many style icons and fashionistas of the world.



The shoulder pouch is a version of the pouch that has a handle. The bag is slouchy, relaxed and minimal in style with only one pocket. But this is the beauty of this collection. It will make a statement in a hushed manner. The bag comes in two different sizes and seven different colours. The bag has become the Venetta classic.


Bottega Vanetta SS'20 Bags


The cassette bag is another one of brilliant creations by Daniel Lee. The bag comes with a long strap which can be folded inside to be used as a clutch. There are two variations of the bag, first the flat cassette bag and second, the padded cassette bag. Our personal favourite are the padded bags. Strips of nappa were woven together to form this brilliant bag. The first variation comes in seven different colours. The second variation comes in two different textures and eleven different colours.



The Sponge is a clutch that is made in two different sizes. The bag recreates the heritage of the brand in a modern way. The construction of the bag is done in foiled lambskin. The loops that are created are different for each bag. This is exactly what makes this bag a true luxury product. Each bag is one of a kind. It comes in two different sizes and colours.


Bottega Vanetta SS'20 Bags