Trend Report: Hand Bags Of The Season

A new season, calls for new fashion. Even though it’s not truly winter yet, the thought of new is what keeps us going. All the runways, from Milan to New York showcased some of the best designs. The most interesting was, however, the variations of handbags that we got to see. So many beautiful designs, not enough time to use them. In case you haven’t been keeping up to date, the handbag trends were all over the place for this season. From tiny bags to oversized bags, the variation covered everything in between.


Bags Trends For Fall 2019


Moving on from the obsession of boxy-fit tops, we have landed with an obsession of boxy bags. The well-structured bags are functional as well as fashionable. From clear boxes to textured leather, the bag made quite a few stylish appearances on the runway.



In case you are obsessed with bags, you are going to love this trend. A big bag paired with a complementing smaller bag, is something that we loved on the runway. Not only us, but our major style influencers love the trend too. Sometimes, one is just not enough!


Bags Trends For Fall 2019


What is the need to hang your bag when you can just hold it in your hands? The interesting variety of handles that we saw on the runway definitely got us thinking about this season’s style inspirations.



It was difficult to pick out a certain texture that was seen more often than the rest. Since the number of textures was huge, our love for this trend is huge too. Crocodile, snakeskin, shearling, faux fur and such other fuzzy textures got us all thinking about fall a lot earlier than usual.


Bags Trends For Fall 2019


Forget about the last season small bags, it’s time to go even tinier. The Jacquemus Le Chiquito’s version of a tiny bag was actually micro. The bag created headlines and we totally understand why. The bag is as cute as it is not functional. Just like the other things that we love for no apparent reason, we love this trend too.



This is the first time that we see certain opposite trends being loved equally and simultaneously. On one hand we have the super tiny micro bags and on the other we have the super huge oversized bags. Being over-the-top is the official call of the season.




November 26, 2019 — Minakshi Singh