Trends That We Hope Never Return

The fashion world continues to surprise us in more ways than it shocks us. However, whenever it does its the one to remember. Some trends stick, others don’t and then there are some that we cannot forget. Moreover, we are glad that these trends did not stay around. Read on for the flashback!


Harem Pants:

Way beyond in the past, harem pants have left quite an impactful mark in our memories. Now that the phase is over, we can’t help but wonder why was it so popular after all? Whatever the reason maybe, we just hope they do not come back.


Bright Colourful Jeans:

Another one that the 90’s kids will remember very well, is the coloured jeans phase. Red, orange, blue, yellow and green – name a colour and we would have it in our closets.  Maybe it was the influence of Bollywood movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


Hobble Skirts:

These types of skirts were so narrow at the ankle that it impeded walking for women. Popular in the 1910s, they deserved an honourable mention in the list.


Platform Crocs:

In 2018, Balenciaga introduced the widely sensational platform crocs. Not as crazy as some other fashion from the runway, this trend is on this list because it cancelled out the purpose of the crocs. Comfortable and casual, crocs were the flag bearers of cool fashion. Turning them into heels sort of changed their identity. It was liked, neither by the heels' lovers nor by the crocs' fanatics.

July 24, 2019 — Anjila Kindra