WARDROBE WOMAN: Clothing Essentials For Women Of 2021

We all know that a plain white t-shirt and casual denim with sneakers can never go out of style as said by our famous Miss Taylor Swift herself and they for sure still serve as the go-to clothes in trend but, this is 2021 and the list of clothing every woman should own has become rosier than ever. Fashion is an ever-changing world and our outfit is essential. From black to white, bodycon to skater, ruffle to a line, and sneakers to heels there is an ocean of choices available. So, what are the essential clothing items for women of 2021? Let’s find out.

WARDROBE WOMAN: Clothing Essentials For Women Of 2021

1. Clothes that speak friendship

A sudden plan with friends out of blue? Just like friendships, a playful polka dot black dress or a cute stripes playsuit is a go-to for this summer in times of exhilaration. Summer is all about colors and patterns, and an item that aces this category this year is a skater dress. Style it up with a ravishing pair of white sneakers, lace-up ballerina, or comfy flats, whatever suits your personality the best. 

2. A year for work from home

 We are stuck at home and that can surely thrust down our temptation to style. But we women are graceful by nature and we carry that with ourselves in every meeting, whether it's virtual or in person. Get yourself a pair of midi dresses for those long online lectures or meetings and if you are still working in the office, your hard work and dedication definitely deserves a gift of a 2 piece set. Touch it up with a comfy pair of flats or heels and there you are ready to shine. 

3. Summer days are for picnics

‘An obsequious day at the park with you in a ruffle top and denim jeans’

Doesn’t this sound breezy? After going through a series of tough years we all can’t wait for a picnic with our family. A skirt with a ruffle top or casual top can always be trusted, just like family. But if you want to try something new for this year go for peplum tops and match it up with denim. Picnics should be soft and simple like ballerinas or flats, so there you go ready to walk outside. 

4. Can’t wait to go out?  

I totally understand the pain you go through when you have to celebrate your birthday in pajamas at home. As nice as it sounds, don't we all want to have some fun after achieving another year of growth? This year more than any other we can’t wait to have a good night out with friends and colleagues. A black party dress is always a savior but if the occasion is as special as a date, try a bodycon dress that adds a groove to your spirit. Add in a good pair of matching heels congruent to your vogue, but in case you can’t find the right one remember you can never go wrong with a balancing pair of black pencil heels or wedge heels

5. Outfit for Every Body

Women keep growing and touching new heights every day. Regardless of what year it is, women have always been inspiring, they define fashion, you define fashion. Sometimes to shine on the inside we need to add a little shimmer on the outside. Add a set of an evening gown or mingle with a sexy black gown to embrace your delicacy. 

At last, women of 2021 have no boundaries. Listen to your heart and work for what it says in all the sectors of your life. But remember to keep up with the trends, because you deserve the best.