Boost Your Body Confidence

Poor body confidence is one of the various serious issues that go unnoticed in this world of perfection. A person who suffers from poor body image forgets about being healthy and starts setting unrealistic body goals, which ultimately leads to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. According to some studies conducted, women are more likely not to appreciate their bodies and continuously find flaws. To get desired bodies, people often spend a crazy amount of money and time, making absolutely no sense.

Boost Your Body Confidence

Let’s change that and boost our body confidence with the help of these tips:


One of the most efficient ways of gaining confidence is by faking it. After years of self-loathing, it may not seem easy but trust us, it’s not that difficult either. People tend to like a person with confidence. So, start by not picking up your flaws when you look into the mirror the next time.


This is the fact that you need to accept as soon as possible. Think of it like this; If your best friend had the same flaws as you, would you say such things to him/her as you say to yourself? It is important to give ourselves respect and love. We deserve it, we deserve better. Whenever you feel like saying something bad about yourself, change it into a compliment.


Not just words, this rule applies to people as well. If you have people in your life who don’t make you feel good about yourself, then you SHOULD get rid of them. Allow only those people who appreciate you and radiate positive energy, who don’t put you down.


Social media is not all true. A maximum number of things you see on Instagram today are fake. Moreover, people only put the happy side of their lives on social media. No one will ever put their dark or/and sad side of their lives on Instagram. So, stop comparing yourself with what people have been trying to portray to be on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, find a hobby or learn some new skill that will help you polish your personality.


It is now scientifically approved that working out improves your mood. Once the endorphins kick in; They kick out your low self-esteem. The tough part is to stay motivated. And no, we are not talking about boring treadmills! Try to figure out what you love. Join a sports team, start playing with a hula hoop, join a Zumba class, or aerobics. Literally, anything that can make you sweat.


Working on your body is not a bad thing if you’re doing it because you’re concerned about your health. But if it becomes an obsession and none of the above tips seem to be helpful, then it is better to go and see a professional. It is important for you to realize that you can’t jeopardize your mental health because of this.

July 12, 2021 — Nitisha Maan