In a fashion dominated world like ours, styling yourself is a major part of the day. Everything from your clothes to your shoes depicts your aura as a person. While dressing up is fun as well as important, it can sometimes be quite heavy for the pocket. Clothes, Shoes, Dresses, and Gowns etc. may sometimes end up being pretty costly especially if one is on a budget. Shopping is meant to be therapeutic but may end up stressing people out even more as they shop.

So, to make shopping fun again, we happily present you “Slay Deals”. You can now eliminate looking good from the list of your worries and indulge in some of the magnificent deals we have for you. You can shop like a queen and still be in the budget, we got you. While maintaining the quality, we bring you the trendiest designs in the best prices possible.

Have your eye on some ballerinas but also need an ethnic pair of flats for the wedding season? Don’t let your budget stop you! You can now get 2 pairs of flats for just Rs. 799. Want a pair for your sister as well? No worries! You can also get 3 pairs of flats for just Rs. 999. From an elegant gown to a sporty flat, everything is now available to you at an even lesser price delivered to you right at your doorstep. Still not satisfied? We got more for you. Want 3 dresses but your finances allow only two? Save yourself the calculations because you can now pay for two and the third one is on us. Doll yourself up and feel like an empress in the huge range of gowns and dresses we have to offer. Witness some of the trendiest designs that are guaranteed to make you look amazing as well as feel amazing with the comfort and quality we display.

 We are here to celebrate the hardworking woman in you and make her even more stylish than she already is. Practice fashion without compromising with the quality or comfort and still be in the budget. It’s a steal, right? Go ahead and shop till you drop because life is too short to wear boring shoes!

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